The River Rescue!

There are two babies in a basket in the river! Can you help rescue them before it sinks?  

In order to rescue the babies from the raging river you will have to craft a sturdy instrument to help scoop them out of the water. Once rescued you will need to take care of the babies by providing them with the warm clothing and medicine that they desperately need!

If you can complete all 4 exciting quests in time then all rescued villagers will remain in your village!*

Time Limit: 18 Days

6 Quests Total

Quest Rewards: Quest 4) 4-Bed Steam House x3 Villagers (Sister & Twin Babies) Quest 5) Memorial Statue Quest 6) Bubble Bath

[Note: The River Rescue begins when you reach Level 5 if not previously activated.]

Quest 1) Rescue Babies Craft Basket Scoop + Craft Sturdy Pole + 10 Towels > Begin > Craft Basket Scoop = 20 Broadleaf Dendron + 20 Baby Rice + 20 Pine > Craft Sturdy Pole = 20 Cocoa Sunflower + 20 Corded Creeper + 15 Birch!

Quest 2) Soothe babies

Baby clothes: 20 Soft kapok (12 h to unlock), 15 vines and clothing pattern

Lullaby sheets: Ramie (24 h to unlock) and tin knife

10 Baby boots

Quest 3)

Materials needed: Craft Rescue platform- 20 sapling wood 20 weave grass 15 birch

craft warm soup: 

20 carrot  20 ramie salt and pepper(post)

10 platform floats (ask)

Quest 4)

you need rubber plant and broadleaf dendron unlocked for the steam house. you also need hot rocks from friends to cure the boy you need to unlock orange blossom, malt barley and request sugarberry from friends

after you finish this the twins and the sister stay in your village 

Quest 5)

For the Memorial Statue:  


1stone paints 20 Blackcurrants + 20 Soft Kapok + 10 Pigment pellets (friends) 

1Broad Brushes 20 Sapling Wood + 20 Ramie (not sure) 

1Carving stone (friends)  

Quest 6) 

For the Bathtub, you need 20 broadleaf dendron + 20 farm weave grass + 1 weatherproof wax (ask friends by posting on wall). For the Bubble Wash, you need 20 orange blossom + 20 jackfruit + 20 rubberplant Also need 10 bath toys that you ask friends in-game.

River Rescue Food

  • Baby Rice (+325) >12h to unlock (I)
  • Cocoa Sunflower (+475) (I)
  • Baby Carrots
  • Malt Barley
  • Sweet Potato
  • Blackcurrants
  • Notched Oats
  • Jackfruit

River Rescue Resources

  • Broadleaf Dendron > 12h to unlock (I)
  • Corded Creeper (I)
  • Soft Kapok
  • Ramie
  • Sapling Wood
  • Weave Grass
  • Rubber Plant
  • Orange Blossom

Remember you don't need to do quest 5 and 6, for they are just for bonus content( bathtub and memorial statue)